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We are innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs who develop solutions that are unique...        Manufacturer of viscoelastic polymers for a variety of industries and applications.          Our marketing strategy is not only about doing things better, it is about doing things differently.

Welcome to Opus Gel

The Opus GEL Compression Wrap conveniently combines Hot or Cold therapy with the clinical benefits of true compression. This visco elastic polymer's unique features allow for faster and safer recovery.

Studies have shown that adding compression to either hot or cold therapy enhances recovery from injuries. The many benefits include reducing swelling, pain, and edema, while promoting faster healing, muscle recovery, and stimulating blood flow.
Opus gel Wrap extends treatment times and improves rate of recovery without the usual risk of frostbite or burns that come with other therapy options

A little about Hexyoo and Our Gel

  • We take pride in ensuring all of the products offered by Hexyoo are manufactured in Canada; Our products are crafted from our own proprietary formulations, thereby allowing us to ensure the use of only the highest quality and safe ingredients;
  • And this allows us to offer the best competitive values to our customers by formulating our products from the base of raw materials. Our partners, and related companies, have over 40 years of experience manufacturing gel products using proprietary gel formulations;
  • We do not sell any imported gel products. We manufacture all of our proprietary gel materials and finished products exclusively in our Toronto manufacturing facility;   
  • We utilize only Health Canada, FDA and/or USP compliant ingredients;  
  • Our products are skin-safe and our manufacturing procedures are environmentally sound;
  • Unlike many imported gels, our gel has no obnoxious odours, is hypoallergenic and will not flow or leak if cut.

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